When Benefits coverage ends

Reasons for loss of benefits coverage:

When do my benefits end?

Benefit coverage ends at the end of the month in which you separate from Lab employment or the last month you make premium payment while on leave of absence.

What Can I Do?

For Employees:

Employees who lose coverage have the option of enrolling in COBRA.  WEX Health mails the COBRA packet to the employee's primary home address found on UCPath within the month the employee loses coverage.  The information about the loss of coverage is sent to WEX twice a month. 

Note: Please verify your home address is correct on UCPath.

For PostDocs:

Information for PostDocs can be found on Gallagher.

For Dependents of Employees:

For any of the qualifying events listed below, complete the UBEN 109 form to request a COBRA application packet.  You can then notify UCPath by opening an inquiry on the UCPath Portal and attaching the completed form.

Notice: Failure to notify UCPath regarding these events within a 60-day time limit will result in COBRA continuation coverage being forfeited.


Once the information is received, you may register on WEX Health website with the registration code "t6rKMrkC" (case sensitive) or call 844-561-1338.  Information regarding COBRA's rates can be found here.