Continuing Benefits Eligibility

Benefits Requirement

Continuing benefits eligibility is based on average hours worked over a 12-month, standard measurement period (SMP). University of California's SMP for monthly-paid employees is November 1 through October 31 of each year. Bi-weekly paid employees' SMP may shift yearly.

The benefits package continues to be offered if the employee hours worked during the SMP meet the threshold* for benefit eligibility. If the employee accepts the benefits offered, the coverage will be provided during the subsequent standard stability period (January 1 through December 31), regardless of your number of hours during the stability period (and if continued to be employed). 

If your hours during the SMP do not meet the threshold, all coverage ends on December 31

*The required average hours of service threshold is: 

• For Career, Limited, Contract: 17.5 hours per week 

• For students and GSRAs: 30 hours per week

Information about Cobra can be viewed here.

Continuing Benefits Eligiblity