New Employees

Initial Eligibility Information

To determine initial eligibility for benefits, UCPath evaluates newly hired or recently reclassified employees and Postdoctoral Scholars based on several factors:

If these criteria are not met, the employee or Postdoctoral Scholar will not be eligible for benefits initially. For a complete list of benefit programs, please view here.

Enrollment Information

You have 31 days from your first day of hire to enroll in health and welfare benefits. Medical cards are typically mailed 3-4 weeks after you select your medical plan. All benefits elections are done through the UCPath website.

New Employee Benefits Orientation

There are two benefits orientations available for employees to attend:

(Please look at your offer letter or the UCPath portal Dashboard.) 

*Benefits Orientations are subject to change times and dates. 

Eligible Family Members

You may enroll the following family members in your UC benefits:

For information on eligibility criteria, please refer to A Complete Guide to Your UC Health and Welfare Benefits or the Group Insurance Eligibility Fact Sheet for Retirees. UC requires all faculty, staff, and retirees who enroll family members in their medical, dental, and/or vision insurance plans to provide documents to be verified

Domestic Partner's eligibility rules differ for health and UC Retirement Plans benefits. Visit Establishing a domestic partnership to ensure you have established your domestic partner’s eligibility for UCRP survivor benefits.

Family Members Eligibility Verification

UnifyHR will request documents to verify eligibility for your family members' benefits after you enroll in benefits.  you will need to be prepared to provide the required documents within the timeframe to ensure your dependents continue to be enrolled in benefits.


Once you decide which benefits you would like to enroll in, log in to UCPath Portal to enroll in health & welfare benefits

(Instructions to log into UCPath)


Name Your Beneficiaries 

Remember to name your beneficiaries. Beneficiary designations do not automatically carry over across your benefits, so please take the necessary steps to assign them to each benefit plan. You may change your beneficiaries in the future at any time. 

To update beneficiaries for: