UC Benefits Programs

Initial Eligibility Information

To initially be eligible for benefits, the newly hired Employee’s or Postdoctoral Scholar’s appointment would be evaluated by UCPath using the following factors: appointment type, membership in UCRP, appointment percentage, and appointment duration. If the employee or postdoctoral scholar does not meet the criteria, the employee or postdoctoral scholar is not initially eligible for benefits.

Review the chart below for benefit eligibility.

Initial Benefits Eligiblity

Click on the tabs below the chart to view the different employment types. There are two Eligibility Groups:

  • Group A: Career, Contract, Limited, and Postdocs. Postdocs have their eligibility table since Gallagher administrates their benefits.

  • Group B: Students and GSRAs students.

NOTE: UC's Rehired Retirees who are eligible for coverage through UC's retiree insurance program and who return to work in limited appointments do not qualify for Employee or Postdoc benefits coverage.

There are minimum requirements to continue eligibility.

Benefits Programs

The University of California offers 4 Benefits packages - Core, Mid-level, Full, and Postdoctoral Scholars.

The Postdoctoral Scholars Benefit Package is administrated by Gallagher available here.