New Employees

Initial Eligibility Information

To initially be eligible for benefits, the newly hired, recently reclassified employee or Postdoctoral Scholar’s appointment would be evaluated by UCPath using the following factors: appointment type, membership in UCRP, appointment percentage, and appointment duration. If the employee or postdoctoral scholar does not meet the criteria, the employee or postdoctoral scholar is not initially eligible for benefits. The complete list of benefit programs can be viewed here. UnifyHR will request documents to verify your family members' benefits eligibility. If you do not comply with the required document in the timeframe provided, your dependents will be de-enrolled.

You have 31 days starting with your first day of hire to enroll in health and welfare benefits. You can expect medical cards mailed 3-4 weeks after you have selected your medical plan.

Benefits election will be done in UC Path.

New Employee Benefits Orientation

There are two benefits orientations available to employees to attend:

  • New Postdoc Benefits Orientation - Designed for Postdocs

  • New Employee Benefits Orientation - Designed for Employees eligible for Full, Mid, and Core benefits. (please refer to your offer letter or to the UCPath portal Dashboard)

*Benefits Orientations are subject to change times and dates.

  • Coming from or going to another UC location, your benefits may stay the same.

  • However, a new job classification may have completely different Benefits. For example, a postdoc reclassified to a Term or Career appointment will have different benefits and need to enroll in their new Benefits.

Eligible Family Members

You may enroll the following family members in your UC benefits:

  • Spouse / Domestic partner

  • Children (biological or adopted, stepchildren, domestic partner’s children)

  • Grand Children, step-grandchildren, domestic partner’s grandchildren

  • Legal ward

For information on eligibility criteria, please refer to A Complete Guide to Your UC Health and Welfare Benefits or the Group Insurance Eligibility Fact Sheet for Retirees. UC requires all faculty, staff, and retirees who enroll family members in their medical, dental, and/or vision insurance plans to provide documents to be verified.

Eligibility rules for domestic partners are different for health plans and UC Retirement Plan benefits. Visit Establishing a domestic partnership to make sure you have established your domestic partner’s eligibility for UCRP survivor benefits.


Once you decide which benefits you would like to enroll in, log in to UCPath Portal to enroll in health & welfare benefits.

(Instructions to log into UCPath)

  • UCNet is UC's Benefit resource website.

  • Do not forget to name your beneficiaries. Beneficiary designations do not automatically carry over across your benefits, so please ensure that you take the necessary steps to assign them for each benefit plan. Also, do not forget that you may change your beneficiaries at any time. To update beneficiaries for:

    • The pension plan, life insurance, and AD&D use the UCRAYS website.

    • Retirement Savings Program (403b, 457b, Savings Choice), go on

    • UC Health Savings Plan - you can name beneficiaries for your Health Savings Account through HealthEquity.

  • Review your Online Earnings Statement (check stub) each payday to ensure your benefit elections are correct through UCPath Portal.


  • Attend a Fidelity webinar, "The UC Retirement Choice Program," and/or have a one-on-one consultation with an LBNL designated Fidelity representative.

  • Register and make your selection on within 90 days, starting with your eligibility date (usually your first day of work). Remember that the election is final once you hit the *confirm* button in the Primary Retirement benefits enrollment system. If you do not complete your election within 90 days, you will default to the Pension Choice, and the election is not revokable.

  • The sooner you enroll in the Pension Choice or Savings Choice, the sooner you will start receiving UC contributions in your retirement.